Hitomi Tanaka shooting for Scoreland


Up until recently, I was unaware that Hitomi Tanaka had done some photo shoots for Scoreland. So I decided to do some investigative research and look up the pics in question and I wasn’t disappointed.

As usual Hitomi looks hot. Can she shoot a photo that doesn’t look hot as fuck? I don’t think. Her titties look just as fabulous as always. Scoreland has a way of shooting a woman’s breasts that do make them seem other worldly.

Of course why take my word for it. Check out these pics of Hitomi and those larger than average breasts for yourself and then head over to Scoreland and get yourself a membership. If you like women built like Hitomi, you will love all the hot big breasted models Scoreland has to offer

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hitomi_tanaka_scoreland3 hitomi_tanaka_scoreland4 hitomi_tanaka_scoreland2

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